TCC stereo phone pre-amplifier TC-400

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The TC-400 is a significant upgrade from the entry-level AC-powered preamps you'll find sold all over the internet, because its external power supply provides excellent isolation against hum and noise. Additional features include a ground wire terminal, gold-plated RCA connectors for input and output, and a LED power indicator. This is an excellent choice for use with, mini-systems, component stereos, and home theatre systems.

If connecting to a computer, simply substitute it in the diagram for the receiver shown above. Use the sound card's LINE INPUT jack, NOT the MIC INPUT.

Any of these receiver/minisystem input jacks can be used;
AUX, TAPE IN/PLAY, LINE IN, CD, TUNER, MD (MiniDisc), VIDEO or DVD (use only the L&R AUDIO  jacks. TC-400s are custom-made with a dedicated ground wire terminal which is the proper destination for your turntable's ground wire.

Input: 5mv
Input impedance: 20k ohm/1khz
Output 450mv
Output impedance: 500 ohm/1khz
Frequency response: 18-18000hz
S/N Ratio: 50db
Power consumption: DC 12V 100ma

(exclusief adapter)

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