Draytek Vigor 2200E-plus router

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4x Ethernet 100Mbps
Wide Area Network Speed 100Mbps

1. Internet / WAN
One 10/100M Base-TX port with a RJ-45 connector.
DHCP client for cable service.
Static IP address assignment for fixed IP networks.
PPPoE/PPTP client for ADSL service.

2. LAN
4 port 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet switch.
DHCP server for IP assignment (up to 253 users).
DNS cache and proxy.
NAT (Network Address Translation).
Virtual server via port redirection r open port feature.
VLAN support.
Port-based rate throttling capability.

3. Firewall Facilities
Automatic Keep-state facility.
Selectable DoS/DDoS protection.
IP address anti-spoofing.
User-configurable packet filtering.
Virtual server via port redirection or open ports.
DMZ host.

4. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Facilities
High performance VPN device.
Up to 16 simultaneous VPN tunnels.
Dial-in or Dial-out, LAN-to-LAN or Teleworker-to-LAN.
Protocol support for PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec.
Encryption support for AES, MPPE, nd DES/3DES.
Authentication support for MD5 and SHA-1.
IKE key management.
Interoperable with other leading 3rd party vendor VPN devices or software.

5. Flexible URL Content Filtering
Block URL (web-site) by user-defined keywords.
Preclude web surfing from using directly IP address.
Block automatic download of Java applets and Active X controls.
Block http downloads of file types:zip/exe.
Support time schedule to control the restrictions and regular Internet access.

6. Application Support
Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger V6.0, NetMeeting, ICQ2001b/2002a, most online gaming, and other multimedia applications.
UPnP protocol support

7. Router Management
Web-based User Interface.
Command Line Interface (Telnet).
Telnet Remote Access Support.
SNMP Agent with MIB-II.
Built-in Diagnostic Function.
Remote Firmware Upgrade.
Quick Start Wizard.
Syslog Monitoring.

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