Reborn PCI Kaart

Incl. btw

Operation System Support

DOS / WIN 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Linux / FreeBSD

Expansion Slot

PCI 32 bit

Hard Drive Support


Computer Base

IBM PC compatible / 80386 and above color monitor

Auto Restore CMOS Data


Plug and Play

Yes (Reformat not required)

First Time Install

Express Installation / Custom Installation / Netwrok Installation

Keep Original Data

Yes, “Express installation” will keep the original OS in drive C and all extended data partition D, E, F...

Support BIOS Type

Yes, Support All Known BIOS

Card Size

105mm X 40mm (Without Bracket)

LT-CACHE Technology

Yes (True 32 bits kernel technology. Support UDMA 66/100)

ST-DATA Technology

Yes (Smart detecting the backup zone)

Support OS for Instant Recovery

DOS/ Win 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP

Support OS for Backup Recovery 

All kinds of OS

Backup Mode Selections

Yes (Instant Restore/ Backup Restore/ NO Restore)

Switching Backup Mode Selection

Yes (Switching from Backup Restore to Instant Restore)

Numbers Of Boot Partitions

Up to 40 partitions

Numbers Of Data Disk

Up to 39 data disks

Default Boot-up Selection


Auto Startup Delay Selection


Lock Boot Partitions 


Password Settings

Supervisor password/ Restore password/ Teacher password


Support 1 to 3 hard disk copy (Only clone with data sectors)

Hard Drive Type

Support HDD size with no limitation

Preset Auto Restore Boot Partition

Yes (Every Time/ Daily/Weekly/ Monthly)

Auto-clear Data Partition

Yes (Every Time/ Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly)


Yes (Data will remain if the data is existed already before Reborn Card) 

Title Menu Setting


Patented (in Taiwan)

Yes (No.095596)

CE Certification


EMI Certification


FCC Certification

Yes (Class A)

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